Hornbergstrasse 17, CH-8200 Schaffhausen
Tel. ++41 (0)52 625 37 36 · alain.winkelman@gmail.com

Alain J. W. Winkelman alain.winkelman@gmail.com

Atelier for modern flutes and Traverso flutes

  • Sale, repair and leasing of modern flutes and baroque transverse flutes
  • Production of high end head joints and lip plates
  • Manufacturing of baroque transvers flutes
  • restorations of original instruments, also for museums and collectors
  • Consultancy and expertise


I was born in The Hague from a Dutch father and a French mother of Italian stock. The family moved to Brussels where I grew up until I was 14. Then my family moved back to the Hague where I finished school and studied flute with Frans Vester at the Hague conservatory. I started teaching and became a piccolist of the Rotterdams Philharmonic Orchestra in 1969.

My interest in flute making and repair was nourished when passed my annual holidays in Marseille with my mother’s family. I spend much of my time at the shop of the flute repairman Gallarète, with whom I learnt how to pad flutes in the French manner.

My colleagues soon began to appreciate my skills and I started repairing flutes besides my teaching and orchestra playing.

1972 I moved to Switzerland and became a teacher at the Winterthur music school and conservatory. I began to deal with baroque music and instruments and made my first experiments in building traverso flutes. I soon became known as a flute maker and repairman of flutes and 1978 I opened an official shop for flutes.

My enthusiasm for flutes helps me to find new improvements, as well for head-joints, as  for repair work on professional instruments and for the construction of individual  lip-plates on customer demands and needs.


My home with workshop is located at Schaffhausen, Hornbergstrasse 17. I am happy to welcome you for an individual consultation with the possibility of trying instruments. Please announce your visit by phone or mail. It is also possible to make appointments out-of business hours.