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Manufacturing of Historic Flutes

Traverso flutes

I produce copies of baroque traverso flutes after Rottenburgh and Hotteterre. The ground model of the Rottenburgh flute is laid out for pitch A= 415 Hz. They are made from European or Persian boxwood, Grenadilla wood, Ebony or even Ivory. As it is with the original, you can buy further middle joints for other pitches. If you want to play in different pitches you need to have a tuning cork with a screw and a register footpiece to regulate the length of the instrument.

Instruments with ivory rings also have an ivory crown and an ivory cork screw.

My Rottenburgh flutes made from ivory are very precious. The ivory I use is either very old or bought many years ago with a certificate.


The copy of the Hotteterre flute is made after the original which is kept at the  Steiermärkischen Landesmuseums JOANNEUM in Graz. It is made from ebony with ivory joints.



Traverso flute after Rottenburgh, boxwood, simple model Fr. 2000.-
with ivory rings and ivory crown Fr. 2500.-
with register foot joint and ivory screw cork Fr. 3000.-
additional joints for further pitches Fr. 500.-
Same prices for ebony and grenadilla  
Ivory on request  
Traverso flute after Hotteterre, boxwood, simple model Fr. 3000.-
Ebony with ivory joints (as original flute) Fr. 4500.-