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I sell different  brands of flutes in various price ranges: ALTUS, MIYAZAWA, MURAMATSU, JUPITER, SANKYO, TREVOR JAMES

Every instrument is thoroughly checked out before being sold. Even newly made instruments may be initially flawed, and some improvements are made by default at no additional cost.

When you buy an instrument …

… please note: Flutes are sensitive instruments and need regular attention, due to their fine mechanisms. In every aspect, a lack of oil in the axes can cause damage by grinding and oxidation. The keys are covered with a very fine material called fish skin. These pads alter during use due to humidity and hence will stop to close tightly. An annual service adjusts the instrument and maintains its quality of sound.  This service contains cleaning, oiling, checking and regulating of keys, mechanical adjustment and pads. Two hours of work are normally required.

When you buy an instrument, two services after 2 and 12 months are included.  You get a recall at these intervals. The instrument will be ready within a week, in urgent cases within 2 days (Priority shipping).

If you want to sell an instrument  …

.. I could commission it for you. After taxation and repair on your costs, I would offer it on this website. You can keep the instrument at home until a buyer for it is found.
10% of the selling price is due to my intercession. The buyer has a warranty on the instrument of 6 months.