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Handmade headjoints and lip-plates


Silver 925

The silver tubes are treated with a personal method to augment  the upper tone spectra. My ideal sound is that of old French flutes by Louis Lot.
Every headjoint is an original with a specific quality of sound. This allows you to find a headjoint which, combined with your instrument, will fulfil your ideal sound.

Wood (ebony, grenadilla, boxwood)

Every metal flute can improve its sound with a wooden headjoint. Many leading conductors now ask for wooden headjoints because of their different sound quality which reminds us that a flute is a woodwind instrument.

I not only produce headjoints for Boehm flutes but also for modern piccolo flutes in A= 442 Hz.


My lip-plates are casted silver from my own models. The blank is individually worked on considering the lips and tooth position of the future player.

[Foto MP]

My lip-plates improve the sound of the instrument and the responsiveness of it.

My speciality are individual lip-plates for physiologically problematic lips, askew lower teeth as well as for players with teeth correction. Especially children do not need to interrupt their flute playing during this period. You can rent a headjoint with a special plate for this time.

[Foto Spez.MP]


Silver headjoint depending on handling and lip-plate Fr. 2000.- to Fr. 2500.-
Wooden headjoint Fr. 1800.-
Lip-plate Fr. 700.-